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Jacqui Smith Porned Out Of Job By Hubby’s Viewing

The Great British Parliament Expense Account Debacle led to another resignation from the government over how those in Parliament charge the nation for their daily expenses. Home Secretary Jacqui Smith has been on the hot seat for weeks when it was disclosed she asked for payment for her husband’s watching of porno films and she claimed her sister’s home as her main residence. The silly season is upon the island kingdom and one after another of members of Parliament have decided to live off their own income rather than that of the people of their nation. Ms. Smith was the youngest Home Secretary since Winston Churchill a hundred years ago, but her tenure was marked by several fiascos. She attempted to get a 42 day detention policy and angered many by ignoring recommendations by scientists on policy for cannabis.

In a sense, Jacqui Smith is simply a symptom of the downfall of the British Labor Party which historically stood for the rights of working people, the oppressed and assistance to those in need of a place of refuge. Jacqui Smith has transformed the policy of asylum into one in which individuals are returned to torture or death rather than being given refuge in England.