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Surprise Bombing In Myanmar

Myanmar has been ruled for nearly two decades by a brutal military regime but the reaction of the population has been relatively quiet and terrorist attacks are unknown. However, yesterday in Yangon, two bombs exploded in the dowtown section of the city inlcuding one near the luxury Traders Hotel. No one has stepped forth to claim credit for the blasts and security police are not quite certain what is going on. Fortunately, few people were on the streets and apparently no one was injued when two cars were blown up. Earlier this week, the state-run-radio predicted there might be bombings in protest against next month’s referendum on a new constitution which was drafted by the military junta. Myanmar has been without a constitution since 1988 when the military junta seized power and scrapped the nation’s democratic constitution.

This blog is not given to conspiracy theories but it might not be outrageous to suggest the military might plant bombs in order to portray themselves as defenders of law and order. Who knows what goes on in the minds of dictators and thugs.