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Italy Denounced For Anti-Romanian Actions

The passage of a law in Italy which allowed citizens of the European Union who posed a threat to security to be summarily expelled from the country is encountering serious opposition in Europe. The “decree law” was signed by Prsident Napolitano within hours after the murder of Giovanna Reggiani, wife of a naval captain, by a member of the Roma community. A spokesperson for the EU Commission said such a law was only acceptable if it could be proven an individual was being charged, not an entire group. Gianfranco Fini, leader of the Fascist National Alliance said people should be exposed not only on grounds of being a security risk, but if they lacked sufficient income. Romania’s President Traian Basecu said he condemned attacks on Italians committed by Romanians, but he also condemned “any acts of violence aimed against Romanian citizens as well as any speech that incites people to disrespect the civil rights of Romanian citizens, regardless of where they live in the EU.” A few days ago four Romanians were beaten up in Rome.

The reality is that about 700,000 Romanians have migrated to Italy including many Romas. The facts are simple and clear –only 9 Romas have been convicted of murder in the past eight months. The death of Mrs. Reggiani is tragic, but her death should not be used to give support to violence against innocent people.