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TV Ad Scares People Into Not Buying!

At the birth of advertising, the goal was to portray one’s product in a favorable manner in order to entice customers to purchase the item. We have come a long way from a pretty girl holding up a pack of cigarettes and smiling given the sounds, sights and blasting music of modern ads. A commercial for Apoliva, a Swedish personal care product, has created a stir on Facebook because the model who is hawking the product has become more of an interest than what she is trying to sell. The 30 second advertisement set to the haunting tones of a Swedish folk song, depicts a close-up of a rather sullen and emaciated supermodel named Adina Fohlin who is standing in the snow and rain. About 100,000 Swedes who saw the ad have joined a Facebook group that claims Apoliva “has begun to run a commercial that is frightening.” They fear the haunting images will soon enter their dreams– and send them off to a lonely place where there is sun and lightening?

Frankly, ads which depict happy people swilling down beer or lighting up one are the most frightening images on television. The sight of a brave young man dressed in a neat uniform with a smile on his face beckoning one and all to join the Marines and get killed is a might more frightening than a woman standing in a murky scene.

Do Posts On Facebook Constitute Free Speech?

It is becoming increasingly common for individuals to post comments on their Facebook sites, but as of this point, it has never been clear if those postings are protected under the right of free speech. In Australia, the New South Wales Department of Corrective Services is threatening to fire prison officers who posted remarks on Facebook that were critical of plans by the state government to privatize certain prisons. The emerging issue is how relevant are employment laws in an Internet age in which people constantly speak online and frequently makes outrageous comments just for the heck of it. The private chatter in which people once engaged at a diner are now online and it is unclear whether employers can act against conversations they deem to be antagonistic to their business interests.

Several prison officers in NSW are being told they violated department policies of the Public Sector Employment and Management Act by making critical remarks in public about officials. They are being threatened with anything from a reprimand to being fired. The issue is whether speaking publicly on one’s Facebook site is protected or is it a public comment or am I forbidden to make public comments about my employers?

Turn Around! Big Brother Is Watching You Read This!!

As you read these words, have you considered the possibility that Big Brother government is leaning over your shoulder to read what you read and make note of what you read or send?Millions of people in the United Kingdom who use social networking sites such as Facebook or MySpace might soon have their every visit recorded in the big book of the government in order to continue the search for terrorists, or at least the search for subversives who for some reason do not agree with the government. British Ministers have aroused a storm or protest over their plan to store information about every phone call, email land internet visit. Vernon Coaker, the Home Office minister disclosed that social networking sites could be forced to retain information about the users’ web-browsing habits.

After all if we are really serious about dealing with terrorists and bad people and God knows who else who does not fit our definition of being a “nice person” isn’t it about time we really got serious about searching. I hear there are also plans to have the Home Office monitor when and for how long people go to the toilet in order to develop a “Shit Index” which would provide precise data on how long people are on the toilet shitting instead of checking their homes and streets for terrorists.

Gee, I wonder what the Government will do with all those Valentine Day messages–store them in order to develop a “love talk index?” We need more data, the more data one has, the more one can defeat terrorism.

Facebook Backs Down On Privacy Issue

Facebook made a dramatic u-turn and backed down from its new rules governing what happens to a user’s messages, actions and updates even if they have left the network. Until the announcement, Facebook’s policy was to delete all traces of a user is they chose to quit the site. Thousands of outraged members of Facebook let those in charge of the world’s largest social network know how displeased they were by the change in policy. After receiving these comments, Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg’s initial response was to insist everyone should trust his organization with this data, but the calls kept on coming and Mr. Zuckerberg decided retreat was a better policy than defense. “Over the past few days, we have received a lot of feedback about the new terms we posted two weeks ago. Because of this response, we have decided to return to our previous terms of use while we resolve the issues that people have raised.”

This has not been the best of times for Mr. Zuckerberg who recently had to pay nearly $90 million in a lawsuit about whether or not he stole the idea for Facebook from friends.

Egyptian Women FIGHT Sexual Harassment

There is a new phenomenon in Egypt as women begin to fight back against sexual harassment by men which even occurs in the course of daily life. Dozens of women are now taking karate to learn tactics of dealing with men who like to grope a woman walking in the street. A year ago during a Muslim holiday, young men went wild in the streets feeling and touching women in an orgy of sexual harassment. Self defense classes are cropping up all over Egypt as women have come out of the closet and are ready to confront men in the open on the streets of their nation. Even the government which ordinarily does not even wish to admit there is such a thing as harassment of women on the streets of Cairo is finally discussing the possibility of passing new legislation.

A recent report indicates that 83% of egyptian women and 98% of foreign women said they have been sexually harassed. In an even more startling result of the survey, 62.4% of men admitted they sexually assaulted women! Ironically, the survey reveals even women dressed in traditional clothes are subject to harassment.

Egyptian women rarely report this harassment but the emergence of Facebook and MySpace has provided women a venue to share their complaints and to organize women to fight back. A campaign on Facebook to fight back is called, “Respect Yourself” and now has 48,000 members.

Facebook Hate Continues Bothering Aussies

Australia has been concerned in recent days over a rash of racial hatred comments appearing on Facebook that come from residents of the nation. Many are demanding action from Facebook about the continued racist comments directed at various immigrant groups. Among the comments that appear daily are:
‘Speak English-You are in Australia”
“F— Islam”
“Get the F— Out”
“I hate Israel”
“Respect Australia or F— OFF”
“I cannot tolerate the South African Accent”

There is no doubt individuals on Facebook are spoiling for a cyber fight in which day after day hateful language is expressed in hope of generating interest in the web site. Many comments undoubtedly come from racist minded people, others come from those who enjoy stirring controversy and getting people to their web site. The worst thing to do is ban these people, the best thing to do is allow them to spew their filth. Eventually, their stupidity will become obvious to most people.

Facebook-MySpace Hit With Email Virus

A virus has been infecting popular social networking sites MySpace and Facebook according to tech experts. On Facebook, the virus is causing email message to be sent to people on “friends” lists asking them to watch a video supposedly on YouTube. A user has to download what purports to be a plug-in to watch the video. The plug-in is actually a virus. The emial appears to come from a friend. According to tech expert Marc Saltzman, “even when you go to the fake site, it has their name and profile picture right on the site, so you really believe it.” The virus is effecting many sites among Canadian users. “To the best of my knowledge,” says Saltzman, “we haven’t really seen a Facebook virus of this magnitude yet.”

We inhabit a world in which information is sought by those who either want information for the sake of entering the lives of other people or information which can allow one to enter the lives of unsuspecting people. In that sense, the virus is merely an old human desire masked in new clothes of technology.

Facebook Can Damage Careers!

In an interesting article appearing in the June 25th edition of the St. Louis Post Dispatch, issues concerning how Facebook can impact the lives of teachers was reviewed. It is increasingly quite common for employers to review Facebook listings by prospective employees, and this apparently is now becoming a practice followed by school districts prior to hiring a new teacher. Lynn Gebel, who will begin teaching this year, took off many items on her Facebook account, because ‘I didn’t want administrators to see anything” they would dislike. Teachers are growing aware their own students can access Facebook accounts and a photo of the individual in a provocative pose will shortly be distributed around the school.

Jacquie Shipma of the Missouri NEA, says “I tell them if you printed out everything that’s on your page and everything that is accessible from your page would you be comfortable with that being taped to your classroom door?” Across the country there have been many examples of teachers losing jobs due to MySpace or Facebook materials. A Colorado English teacher lost her job because of sexually explicit poetry on her MySpace site.

There are also examples of students posting materials about teachers such as placing the head of a teacher on a nude body or taking a picture of a teacher who is bending over and posting it online.

The new world of MySpace and Facebook offer many exciting opportunities as well as troublesome issues.

Facebook Leader Jailed In Egypt

April Esraa Abdel-Fattah, founder of the Facebook group known as “6 April: A Nationwide Strike” was finally released from jail after being held for sixteen days. She masterminded the April 6 demonstration organized via Facebook that was designed to peacefuly protest against risng food prices. She told reporters that henceforth, she would not participate in any form of “virtual activity.” Her uncle said that Ms. Fattah no longer had a computer. April Fattah originally was detaned on April 7 and two days later authorities said she would be released, but the Interior Ministry overruled that decision and kept her in jail for an additional two weeks.

Her imprisonment transformed Ms. Fattah into a heroine among Egypt’s youthful population. There are now rumors the Mubarak government is planning to block, or at least strictly monitor, the Facebook pages that have become a tool in political protest. Amr Elshobaki of the Al-Ahram Center for Strategic and Political Studies, said “it is unwise, not to say impossible, to deal wih Egypt’s virtual community with the same security-minded mindset the state uses in confronting on-the-ground challenges” since “the pages that are closed can easily be re-loaded on other sites.” There are now hundreds of websites that bloggers have created so their voices can be heard loud and clear.

A repressive regime like that of President Mubarak do not yet grasp that preventing young people access to democratic means of protest invariably results in them using technology to express their views. He can not shut down the Internet.

Is Your Facebook Account Aiding Al-Qaeda?

A high ranking Canadian military official claims the Internet poses a major security threat to Canadian soldiers fighting against the Taliban in Afghanistan. General Peter Atkinson says Facebook is being used by soldiers to convey information to family members about what is going on in Afghanistan, but, the Taliban is accessing that information in order to determine the accuracy and effectiveness of their attacks. “Because of the speed and capacity of today’s technology, we are virtually providing the enemy with his battle damage assessment instantly. We need to make their collection efforts as difficult as possible by denying them 80 percent of the solution.”

OK, Facebook users, just remember the enemy is always keeping tabs on what you say or do. Of course, so is the CIA, but they are the good guys so just let them in on all conversations in the name of democracy.