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Tony Blair Goal To Unite Faiths

Former British prime minister Tony Blair is launching his new Faith Foundation whose aim is to increase dialogue and interaction between people of different religions. Blair was an Anglican and shortly after leaving office converted to the Catholic religion. He mentioned that as a political leader he relied upon religion during difficult times. “The worst thing in politics is when you’re so scared of losing spport that you don’t do wha tyou think is the right thing.” That is why he turned to faith which he claims gives a person “a certain strength and give you a support in doing a job as difficult as leading a country and gives you that strength and support.”

The Blair Foundation will bring together people of various faiths to work on joint projects such as dealing with disease in order to demonstrate what comes when people of different religions cooperate.

An individual’s faith is a personal matter, but it is sad Tony Blair during the past several months has not done very much to bring together Jews and Muslims in the Middle East. He has refused to speak out against Israel policies in Gaza and has failed to work towards genuine compromise in which each side would have to surrender some of their goals. He has come across as an ineffectual leaders who lacks vision and is unable to project a concern for Muslims. Perhaps, the image that emerges is incorrect and Blair has a genuine desire to come across as impartial, but he must accept some responsibility for failure of his Middle East mission.

If Tony Blair seeks to gain respect, he must begn with an honest evaluation of his mistake in proceeding with American plans to invade Iraq. Unless, he is honest, how can he expect others to surrender their incorrect beliefs?