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If There’s Oil, We Care

The Falkland islands lie thousands of miles away from the United Kingdom and it is doubtful if during the past twenty years anyone in England has spent a second of their daily lives feeling proud these islands are part of what once was known as the British Empire. But, recent geological reports indicate the Falkland islands just might possibly posses large amounts of oil off its shores. For decades, Argentine has insisted the islands belong to them and even engaged in a disastrous war over that issue in the 1980s. Prime Minister David Cameron has the misfortune during the G-20 meeting to come in contact with Argentine President Cristina de Kirchner, gave a nod and later issued a statement making clear, the issue of sovereignty over the Falkland Islands is not open for discussions or even a conversation.

Cameron was in a feisty mood and even had a statement issued telling the government of Iran “we expect the government of Iran to respect the rule of law and freedom of expression as outlined in the international parties to which Iran is a party.”

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if Argentine and the UK could jointly develop oil deposits and witness success between two nations working together?