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Springtime For Nazism According To Eva Herman

German TV presenter, Eva Herman, who was fired for making pro-Nazi remarks, continues her battle to defend the bright side of Nazism. She was fired for stating that while Hitler did gruesome things, people forget the good side of Nazism, ‘there was at the time something good, and that is the values, that is the children, that is the family, that is a togetherness– it was all abolished.” She argues if you can’t discuss the good side of Nazism then you can’t comment on the autobahn which was built during that era. Herman recently appeared at a conservative German Catholic Forum where she received applause and was hailed as a “martyr in the battle for marriage, family, and children.”

Ms. Herman is merely displaying her ignorance of Nazism when she claims it was a good time for children, family values and togetherness. Children attended schools where they were indoctrinated in hatred and to love violence. Thousands of teenagers gave their lives for Hitler who wanted them to die for the glory of Germany. Adolescents attended camps where free love was encouraged in order to produce babies for the armed forces. Perhaps, Herman believes family values are strengthened by having children inform on their parents which they were urged to do by teachers. Her comments are ludicrous and it is shameful that a Catholic organization is supporting a woman who praises a regime that imprisoned hundreds of priests in concentration camps.