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How To Combat Religious Fanaticism

Ahmad Fuad Fanani, writing in the Jakarta Post argues that religious fanatics use religion not as the source of their fanaticism, but as the justification for their actions. He cites the work of Mark Juergensmeyer who argues that religious radical movements have three common sources:
1. They reject compromising religion to liberal and secular values.
2. They refuse secular society that restricts religion to private spaces.
3. They create a form of religiosity which rejects all forms of religion they believe challenges their own interpretation of the religion’s origins.

Fanani suggests three ways to combat these views:

1. Focus on interpretations of religion which stress issues of social justice and love.
2. Offer explanations to people of how religious fanaticism violates their own views of religion.
3. Emphasize the true purpose of jihad is promoting principles of love and social justice.

Common sense, if you ask me.