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Teddy Bear Fiasco Allows Intolerance to Flourish

The British schoolteacher who was convicted of insulting Muslims by having her children name a teddy bear Mohamed is being placed in a secret location because a mob of 600 protestors shouted, “Shame on the UK,” and “No tolerance, Execution.” The Sudan government has placed itself into a quandary, by allowing the silly situation to even begin. It has enabled just about every fanatic in the Sudan to rush to grab the limelight of extremism by shouting hate and anger against a Westerner. Noted hard line cleric Abdul-Jalil Nazeer al-Karori, urged on people bent on hate with, “Imprisoning this lady does not satisfy the thirst of Muslims in the Sudan.” Fortunately, in England, the British Federation of Student Muslim Societies denounced the sentence as being out of all proportion to the crime.

There are some who support sentencing a teacher who named a teddy bear on grounds each nation’s culture should be respected. One can understand another culture, but this does not mean accepting it makes any sense when practices go against universal codes of conduct and morality. Genital cutting of women is deplorable even if it is defended on grounds that “it is our culture.” Nazi Germany had its “own culture” but few today defend its practices. The Sudan government used a silly incident as a means of reinforcing its own power and of pretending to stand up against Western critics of its failed and deplorable policies in Darfur. This entire matter has nothing to do with naming teddy bears, it is a blatant play to the crowd effort by a pack of sadistic rulers of the Sudan who kill thousands and then supposedly become upset because of a teddy bear.