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Tee Shirts For Terrorism?

The Danish Eastern High Court convicted six people of supporting terrorism because they were engaged in an enterprise that sold T-shirts in order to raise funds to finance Colombian and Palestinian organizations. The people who have ties to “Fighters + Lovers” were sentenced to between sixty days to six months in jail. They allowed their company website to be used to assist push sales of the T-shirts. The court ordered all tee-shirts were to be confiscated. The company began selling T shirts in 2006 in order to challenge Danish terrorism laws. Their promotional material indicated money raised from the T shirts would be used to assist the Colombian-based Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia(FARC) and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine(PFLP).

In December, 2007, the Copenhagen City Court cleared the group of aiding terrorism because the two organizations did not fall under the classification of being terrorists according to their interpretation of Danish law.

There is little doubt these organizations resort to violence and kidnapping which certainly makes them dangerous. The issue is not whether they are terrorist groups, but to which extent do people have a right to give them money and support. It is one thing providing arms and ammunition, another to sell T shirts.

President Chavez Linked To Rebels

President Hugo Chavez is confronted with serious allegations that his administration worked with Clombian guerrillas. Interpol examined laptops and concluded they belonged to the forces of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, a group that Chavez has supported in many ways, but there is now sufficient evidence the support went beyond just words. Chavez immediately went into his defense pose and denounced the laptops and the evidence revealed by Interpol as simply another plot by the United States to discredit his government. He accused Ronald Noble of Interpol of being “an immoral police officer who applauds killers,” a reference to the Colombian attack on guerrilla forces who were hiding in Ecuador.

In one leaked email, a FARC military leader for the Jorge Brigade told the rebel’s governing secretariat he planned to ask for millions of dollars from Chavez which would be repaid upon their seizure of power. Another email from “Ivan” says that “Ivan” who is responsible for Venezuelan Popular Defense Units seeks help in learning FARC guerrilla warfare tactics. The emails indicate Venezuelan officials acted as middlemen to help secure arms from Australian arms dealers.

Are Sounds Of War Being Heard In South America?

Troops from Ecuador, Venezuela and Colombia are poised at their borders awaiing possible new developments in the conflict which has emerged from Colombia’s effort to wipe out the FARC rebel groups. The Colombin government even charged FARC with building a radioactive “dirty bomb” for use against its troops. The allegation was made by Colombian vice-president Francisco Santos to a UN group in Geneva, but he did not offer any evidence to support the allegation. President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela, a self appointed guardian of South America, thrust his nation into the fray when he condemned the Colombian attack on a FARC camp one mile into Ecuador an a violation of his guidelines for peace in the regon.

Even Comrade Fidel Castro jumped into action with a newspaper column where he warned:
“we can plainly hear the trumphets of war to the south of our continent as a consequence of genocidal plans of the Yankee empire.” The Colombian operation was against terrorists who are into drug trafficking and kidnapping. Exactly how dealing with cut-throat gangsters is connected to “genocidal plans” only the Supreme Leader knows. The United States history of involvement in Latin America is terrible, but this is one time, the situation is strictly a Colombian affair.

Dogs Of War Barking In Venezuela

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez moved tanks to the border of Colombia and mobilized jet fighter planes as he warned the Colombian government their continued attacks on FARC rebels hiding in Ecuador might spark war. Colombia’s military said on Saturday its troops killed Raul Reyes, a leader of the Marxist FARC rebels duing an attack on his jungle camp in Ecuador. The operation included air strikes and fighting with rebels in border regions. Chavez in his usuual rhetoric ordered the Venezuelan military to move 10 battalions to the frontier of Colombia and said: “May God spare us war. But we are not going to allow them to violate out sovereign territory.”

The FARC rebellion began as a political movement directed at the Colombian government. As years passed, the rebels increasingly turned towards working with drug lords and lost their revolutionary fervor once money became more important. Chavez dared to call the FARC rebel leader’s death, a “cowardly assassination” of a “good revolutionary.” The only thing good about FARC is its ability to make money from drugs. They long ago lost any connection to revolutionary ideals related to poverty and injustice.