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American Soldier-Farmers In Afghanistan

The George Bush approach to foreign policy in the Middle East and Asia has been predicated on the assumption might makes right. The use of military action has always been at the core of how he presents the United States on the world scene. However, many National Guardsmen who have spent their lives as farmers are beginning to draw upon that expertise in furthering democracy in Afghanistan. Although Afghanistan is about the size of Texas only 12% of its land is actually being used for productive agriculture. National Guard teams are being deployed in Afghanistan to educate farmers are more effective ways of using their land. These teams assess farmer needs in a region, take a piece of land and show how it can be farmed in more productive ways. Colonel Martin Leppert emphasizes: “We are here to provide Afghan solutions to Afghan problems.”

Most people in Afghanistan associate the United States with bombing their villages which all too often results in shifting people to the side of the Taliban. A farmer approach solution presents a greater possibility of gaining trust and confidence of the population. American farmers are among the most productive in the world, why not use their talents. Perhaps, it is time to introduce an Afghan Farmer Extension Program after the model of the American Farmer Extension Agent.