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Turkey Entry Into European Union Doubtful

The recent elections to the European Union parliament have resulted in gains for conservatives and right wing groups. Turkey’s bid to enter the EU was doubtful at best, but now that conservatives and anti-Muslim factions have gained more seats in the EU parliament it raises issues as to whether a bid by a Muslim nation will be successful. The recession, rising anger toward immigrants, and loss of confidence in socialist and liberal groups most probably were important factors in the growth of votes for anti-immigrant parties in Europe. Geert Wilders, who has led the fight in the Netherlands, to halt further immigration saw a large improvement in his vote. A fascist from the United Kingdom became the first member of his party to secure a seat in the EU parliament.

Any time there is a recession, anger toward the stranger and immigrants rises in a society. As unemployment increases, people interpret immigrants working as taking away their jobs even though few would actually seek jobs in the lower echelons of society.

EU Voters Give Ho Hum To Election

Only about 43% of eligible voters turned out for the European Union parliament elections which witnessed a strong showing by center-right parties as well as Green candidates. It appears that socialist parties such as the UK Labor Party went down to a resounding defeat because voters did not believe they were offering policies that dealt with their concerns about unemployment as well as the tricky issue of immigrants. A member of the British Fascist party even won a seat most probably because of a campaign against immigrants in his country. Jose Manuel Barros, president of the EU executive European Commission, argued, “Overall, the results are an undeniable victory for those parties and candidates that support the European project and want to see the European Union delivery policy responses to their everyday concerns.”

The European Union elections still lack the presence of major candidates offering policies that would deal with these everyday concerns. There is scant doubt many candidates ran for office on a platform of fear, fear of the stranger, fear of immigrants. Perhaps, it is time for a presidency which can offer leadership for the entire European Union.

Annual Riot Season In Hungary

It is September and time for a riot in Hungary by neo-Nazis thugs who oppose the democratic nature of their nation. Several days ago, racist and anti-government slogans, shoes, and tear gas filled the air of Budapest as right wing groups clashed with forces of democracy and the government. The occasion was a protest by Roma organizations and that of the Democratic Charta which was directed against forces of racism in their society. The peaceful rally was addressed by government leaders like the prime minister and several founders of the “original” Democratic Charta which took part in the early fight for a democratic Hungary. Even as these groups peacefully expressed their view, right wing groups began assaulting the police and trying to damage a Soviet era memorial. This resulted in violence and the arrest of several people.

Hungary has never been able to reconcile a part of its past when there existed both a communist group and a Fascist group both of which helped to shape the emergence of a modern Hungary. The Soviet Union imposed a horrible era upon the people of Hungary, but it was also the force which ended the Fascist government which then ruled the nation and had allied with Hitler. Perhaps, it is time to confront the past and deal with all its pain in a more directed focus on education.