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Ramadan Silly Season In Denmark

Non-Muslims never tire of displaying insensitivity toward a religion whose practices they deem to be medieval or out of touch with modern life. The latest manifestation of stupidity is a recommendation by the Odense City Council in Denmark is recommending that Muslim children be encouraged not to fast during Ramadan due to fears somehow not eating during the day will be harmful to health. The Children and Youth Committee believes “children who aren’t eating during the day” will make it not “possible to lean on an empty stomach without being tired and rundown.” That is why they want to “stress to parents that it’s not an acceptable behavior.”

A a Jew who has fasted on Yom kippur and either attended or taught school, let me inform the concerned parents of this Danish community it would be wise for them to focus on their own religion instead of butting into those of others. How about an information campaign to Christian parents informing them giving children candy on Christmas will be damaging to their health?