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FLASH! Obama Not In Today’s Blog!

We regret to inform readers of this blog that President Barack Obama will not be participating in my planned interview with him. Apparently, he is caught in a time warp between Jan Leno and David Letterman which makes impossible his appearance in three places at once. The president is attempting a long distance running campaign which will enable him to appear on every talk show within the space of one week in order to explain his health care program. He told the media that “I just keep on trying harder” in order to deal with the difficulty of explaining his ideas.

In 1940, President Franklin Roosevelt was confronted with the defeat of France by Nazi Germany and the reality that England was left all alone to fight the Germans. They desperately needed guns, ammunition and destroyers to help protect their convoys. The vast majority of Americans opposed entry into the war. FDR made a radio broadcast in which he said, “if your neighbor’s house caught on fire and he asked to borrow your water hose, surely you would give it to him. We are going to give help to our British neighbor.” His famous “Lend-Lease” program easily passed in Congress.

Mr. President, running around on the media is a sign of weakness, not strength. Find the equivalent of the FDR hose story and America will back your ideas.