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Three Crises Of Musharraf’s Pakistan

In a rec ent talk with Pakistan reporters, President Musharraf discused the three crises confronting Pakistan. The crisis of establishing a vibrant democratic society, the war against terrorism and extremism, and the crisis of the economy if the first two can not be resolved. He admtted to the press there could be another crisis if al-Qaeda and the Talibanized militants were able to defeat the Pakistan army and can control of nuclear weapons. The president said he was prepared to work with a national unity government, but only after completion of the February election.

If Musharraf’s party, the PML-Q gains an undisputed majority in parllament it will trigger charges of vote rigging and throw Pakistan into another crisis of faith in the honesty of a Musharraf government. Pakistan’s public has literarlly given Musharraf a free hand over the past six years to combat extremism and, apparently, his approach is not proving very successful. It is unclear why another six years will produce anything different from what as transpired. Perhaps, the mother of all crises will soon be upon Pakistan if Pakistan’s army is unable not merely to contain, but to defeat militant insurgents in the northwest region of the nation.