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Are American People The Problem Or Is It Government?

The latest polls reveal a rising storm of anger from the American people toward the Federal government which they blame for creating economic problems and failing to maintain an effective governance system. When asked about feelings toward the federal government:
Basically Content: 19%; Frustrated: 56%; Angry, 21% and Don’t know: 5%. Among the most common sources of anger is that the national government is attempting to control the economy and that is viewed as a source of problems. There is a sense that government run programs are inefficient and sources of waste and corruption. These ideas undoubtedly represent a common feeling in America.

Let’s look at the record:

Medicare — Overhead is 3% to run it.
Private Insurance companies: Overhead is 17% to run it.

From 1945– 2000, there was a system of Federal oversight to the corporate world, but under the regime of Ronald Reagan the American people were sold a bill of goods that private enterprise is being hampered by government regulations. THE ECONOMIC COLLAPSE WAS CAUSED BY LACK OF GOVERNMENT SUPERVISION!!!

The average American lacks any comprehension about the importance of government supervision and, all too often, gets economic information from the idiots on FOX News