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UK Mutilations This Xmas?

The issue of female genital mutilation is ordinarily associated with those living in societies within African or Muslim nations of the world. However, recent evidence suggests that as many as 70,000 women in the United Kingdom have been compelled to undergo this action against their body. Ordinarily, young girls are taken home during the Christmas holidays where they can be subjected to the mutilation. There is evidence this year, due to economic conditions, an hundreds of young girls in the United Kingdom will undergo the operation at special “parties” where “cutters” who will be flown in will cut their bodies.

It is tragic that girls have to undergo this experience. It is also tragic that not a single prosecution has been made during the past 25 years against anyone who subjected their daughter to the procedure. Efforts by female rights activists have run into a stone wall due to failure on the part of police or school officials to be proactive in protecting the girls.