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Sex Attitudes A-Changing Among Chinese Youth!

Abstinence until the marriage night– to be or not to be is the question facing Chinese youth these days. Historically, China’s puritanical ethics condemned any form of sexual activity on the part of the female prior to the wedding night, but this attitude may no longer be the one followed by many Chinese young people. A survey in July found that nearly 40% of the 300 college students who were questioned don’t demand virginity of their spouse and more than
50% think sexual relationships can contribute to the growth of love. There is not doubt many young Chinese continue adhering to traditional values, but college students live in an Internet, Facebook, MySpace world in which sexual values are no longer those of the pa

Chinese tradition insists “giving” their virginity to the new spouse on the wedding night is supposed to be a sacred duty of young girls. There is probably still a lot of giving but these days there is also a lot of receiving on the part of both parties.