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Pakistan Judge Investigates Female Flogging

Taliban thugs decide who is religious and who is not because they act under direction of some Godlike force. Recent videos of a seventeen year old girl being flogged by three men, including one of her brothers, has aroused fury in the world. Pakistan Supreme Court Justice Iftikhar Mohmmad Chaudhry, is investigating the incident and has demanded local officials appear in court to explain this violence against an innocent girl. Reports from the village indicate the girl and an electrician were together and insisted there was nothing illicit concerning their relationship. They even offered to undergo a medical exam to prove their innocence but in the minds of the Taliban, you are guilty if they say you are guilty.

It now appears the boy was whipped in secret– women get public and males get private beatings, — it is God’s will. Both were forced to marry after the beatings. The issue is what is going on in Pakistan which ostensibly is a democratic nation but which has turned power over to the dictatorial Taliban in many areas of the nation.