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Neo Nazis Attack Feminists In Sweden

There are small but rather active neo-Nazis cliques in Sweden who crop up with attacks on immigrants or, in this case, women. At least seven people attending a festival that was promoting feminism in the town of Osterfarnebo in east central Sweden were attacked by a group of neo-Nazis thugs. The men drove around the area in a car shouting “seg heil” and doing Nazis salutes according to police investigators. A group of college students were leaving the scene of a festival honoring women when, accordng to eye witnesses, a group of Nazis or skinheads, got out of the car and confronted the students whom they proceeded to physically assault as they shouted, “seig heil.”

The police did not arrest anyone and indicated they knew of the existence in the area of neo-Nazis and skinheads who enjoy those who fight for women rights or defend the rights of immigrants. This was the first time this isolated and idyllic community ever encountered neo-Nazis goons.