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Feng Zhenghu, The Man Who Will Disappear, But Won’t

Feng Zhenghu is a man who simply will not disappear from the China scene and will not keep his mouth shut. Shanghai’s most famous dissident announced last week that he wanted to launch a manifesto on human rights. His “Shanghai EXpo Of Unjust Cases” was a critique of the city’s legal system which denies individuals their right to a fair trial as well as the right to speech. Within hours, police were knocking on his door, confiscating his computers and gave him an interrogation that lasted for hours. He recently wrote a document urging freedom of speech on the Internet which is the last thing Chinese authorities will allow.

Mr. Zhenghu was told in no uncertain terms that if he continued to speak out, “you will disappear.” Most probably he will disappear in a physical sense, but the ideas he fights for will eventually triumph in China. In the end, brutality and dictatorship will disappear.