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Anti-Abortion Candidate Upsets Italian Women

The rights of Italian women to abortion has come under attack due to efforts of one of the nation’s most famous pundits, a man who styles himself a “devout atheists,” but whose pro-life political campaign has frightened those fighting for the rights of Italian women. Giuliano Ferrara, who began his political life as a communist, then became a socialist, has now transformed himself into a conservative. He has branded himself an enemy of abortion. At a recent speaking engagement in Bologna, the TV chat host, was pelted with vegetbles by irate supporters of abortion rights.

The real question is whether Mr. Ferrarra is using abortion as a ploy to gain political power or does he really believe the rhetoric which spouts from his mouth. He argues the intent of Italy’s Article 194 was to curb backstreet abortion, not to allow women to freely make the decision about birth or no birth.

Thee is no question abortion continues arousing passions throughout the world. Somehow, given his autobiography of switching positions as quickly as he switches political affiliations, one doubts the sincerity of this latest conversion.