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Urge Law In Ireland Against Female Genital Mutilation

Over the past twenty years, Ireland has witnessed the arrival of new immigrants from African, Middle Eastern, and South American countries. At a recent conference, many Irish human rights advocates demanded passage of a law that would declare illegal female genital mutilation(FGM). According to Labor Senator Ivana Bacik, “there is a lack of clarity as to whether a defense of consent might apply to any parent charged with assault arising out of allowing FGM to be practiced on their daughter.” It is difficult for a teen age girl to stand up and denounce a parent they know might wind up in jail for forcing them to have FGM.

It is estimated in Ireland there are about 2,500 women who have been subjected to FGM. There undoubtedly is also need to rethink immigration laws since immigrants might take the girl back to their native land for the FGM. Modern life increasingly becomes more complex.