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Fidel Finally “fidel” To Revolution’s Aims

Those of us who warmly welcomed the triumph of Fidel Castro in 1959 which we believed would allow the Cuban people human rights and install a democratic government have long awaited fulfillment of that dream. During the past fifty years, the Castro boys have brutalized the people of Cuba, imprisoned those who spoke out and carried out a vicious program against gays and lesbians. Spanish Foreign Minister Miguel Angel Moratino announced, after consultation with the Cuban government, that Cuba seeks a new approach to democracy. ‘All of the political prisoners in Cuba will be liberated. Even those who do not wish to leave the island.” The Castro boys entered into negotiations with the Catholic Church in Cuba and arranged for an end to imprisonment of those who differed with communism in their land. Although, the initial group that was freed are being sent to Spain, the remainder of liberated prisoners will be allowed to remain with their families in Cuba.

Moratino urged the European Union and the Unites States of America to respond to this gesture with relaxation of economic sanctions and enter into negotiations with the Castro government. It is time to move forward on the assumption that democracy has finally taken a first step in Cuba.

Oracle Fidel Predicts Future

Once upon a time, a long, long time ago, a young man named Fidel Castro was regarded as among the brightest and courageous in the world. He had led a revolution that drove from power the dictator, Batista, and Cubans looked forward to a new world in which democracy and honesty in government would be the norm. Ah, that was young Fidel, but within a few years, the man who personified democratic rule decided that Batista might have had the right idea about being a dictator and stifling opposition. Within a few years, if one did not adore Fidel, if one did not stand for hours while Fidel ranted on and on about whatever entered his head, then that individual might soon discover the pleasant environment of a prison cell. During the past few years the people of Cuba were spared his orations which eventually became a parody of the self intellectually bloated leader whose speeches were for his own ego rather than any edification of the nation. Suddenly, Fidel emerged from sickness to inform the world he had uncovered the truth of the future.

According to Fidel, the United States is headed for a nuclear war against North Korea. If you have doubts as to whether this will be the outcome of America’s foreign policy, just tune into Fidel and get the scoop. After all, he has had four years with nothing to do but sit quietly and read.

Fidel Returns From The Dead!

Reports of the death of Fidel Castro have been greatly exaggerated and the man who has been intellectually and ethically brain dead for over half a century apparently is alive in the nation of Cuba. A few days ago photographs of him in Havana were released and last night he appeared–alive– on Cuban television. This is the first time since 2006 that Cubans will be allowed to enjoy one of his famous eight hour displays of verbal arrogance as he reviews the state of the world in his own special style. The Great Leader did surprise many by releasing 52 political prisoners as part of an arrangement with the Catholic Church. Who knows, maybe he has decided to become a priest which would give him a springboard to become the next pope. The only recent comment from the Great Leader and Wise One is his annoyance with the World Cup which he believes was a deliberate act of the Zionist -American alliance to distract the world by having people watch football and thus allow forces of imperialism to do as they darn well please.

I was among those who welcomed his overthrow of the dictator Batista because we regarded him as a force of democracy in Cuba. Ah, the dreams of yesterday and the realities of yesterday.

Fidel Steps Down, Old Age Steps To The Plate

The aging, ailin Cuban leader Fidel Castro finally agreed to step down as president of his nation after 49 years of being the man in charge of everything. He informed the National Assembly, “I communicate to you that I will not apsire or accept…the positions of President of the Council of State and Commander in Chief.” The National Assembly is expected to nominate his brother and designated successor, Raul Castro, as president of Cuba. Fidel has survived many key events of the 20th century including the Cold War, the Cuba Missile Crisis, the attempted invasion of his nation by forces put together by the CIA, and a close working relationship with leaders of the Communist Soviet Union. The Soviet Union is gone, but Fidel’s Cuba has barely changed.

Fidel Castro undoubtedly loves Cuba, but he has never really grasped that a true lover seeks to do what is best for the object of love, not for himself. He has held tightly to power and denied the right of others to question his authority or actions. The nomination of brother Raul merely keeps a group of old men chugging along with their old ideas and their old fears. Cuba has become an Old Folks home led by men who live in the past and will not allow their people to take a step into the 21st century. The tragedy of Fidel Castro is that he got rid of the dictator Batista only to become the man he replaced.