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HS Fight Clubs For Real-Not In Movies

A motion picture depicted an adult fight club in which men fought one another in order to display their athletic prowess, but, as is so often in real life, impressionable youth assume the task of aping the behavior of their elders. There are reports that students at the John Forrest Senior High School in Australia have organized a fight club and are displaying their abilities on YouTube. Viewers of YouTube report there are images of young boys fighting one another as other students cheer them on. In itself, this is simply another story about young people who engage with the world they know– YouTube and movies rather than engage with the world that exists– their daily lives.

Education Minister said she expected a “blow by blow report” on the matter apparently unaware of the symbolic words she uttered. The world of youth today is no more violent than that of the past, but these days the entire world can see madness of youth, not just those in the immediate neighborhood.