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“I Wish For New Shoes, A Bag, And Jobs For My Mother And Father”

Mariannet Amper, aged 12, was alone in the shack while her mother and father were out trying to get jobs so they could have some money. She must have looked around at the pitiful few things in the shack wondering if this was to be her life forever. The Filipino girl most probably went to her diary, read some pages, perhaps a sob convulsed her body as she realized this was her life-poverty and hunger. At some point, she got some rope, and hung herself. When her mother and father arrived home, she was dead. Mariannet left a note addressed to the TV program, “I Just Wish.” The note told about her wishes, “I wish for new shoes, a bag, and jobs for my mother and father. My dad does not have a job and my mum just gets laundry jobs. I would like to finish my schooling and to buy a new bike.” These were the wishes of a 12 year old girl who wrote in her diary about not being able to afford fare so she could get to church and pray.

I frequently hear angry comments from those opposed to welfare because it is their assumption poor people are poor because they are lazy. About 14% of Filipino people live on less than a dollar a day. All they can do is wish-wish that a TV program will select their wish from among thousands submitted. I often wonder why those with money are so angry toward those without.