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Iranwood Movie Stars Raise Anger Of Government

India has its Bollywood stars and Iran has been attempting to catch up with creating a new film industry. However, government officials are furious at large salaries being paid to actors and actresses who may earn a $100,00 for a few days work. Critics warn the stars “this ain’t Hollywood, let alone Bollywood, so cut out the high salaries.” Some Iranian members of the film community are also confronting the issue that a few Iranians have made it to Hollywood where they were able to secure a part in films. Golddhitfeh Farahani was able to act in a major Hollywood film, “Body of Lies” and when she returned home it was not to acclaim, but to a ban on any other acting in western films.

This year a Hollywood delegation made it to Iran only to meet demands for apologies about the manner in which Arabs and Iranians are portrayed in films.