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Emperor Sarkozy Hears No Boos!

There is the oft repeated story of the Emperor who frightened people to such an extent none would dare tell him that he was entirely naked in public for fear of punishment. President Sarkozy of France has fired several people who committed the crime of allowing his majesty to hear the unfortunate sound of boos in the background. A Normandy police chief and a local official were both lost their jobs because during the Sarkozy visit the president was able to hear the sound of people booing him in the distance. A police chief in Corsica was fired because some demonstrators invaded the garden of a friend of the French president. During his recent visit, Sarkozy was overheard referring to the prefect who was in charge of crowd control, as “”Quel con, ce prefet” which translates into “What an arsehole, this prefect.”

Perhaps, in the perfect world of Sarkozy, the world loves him, and there are no negative views that one could have concerning the ideas of the perfect president. Of course, the United States had such a president for eight years and the result was economic chaos and military disasters. It might pay Sarkozy to actually listen to a few boos.