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Utah Firing Squad Will Execute Prisoner!

Ronnie Lee Gardner is a murderer who killed a lawyer twenty five years ago and has been sitting in Death Row since his conviction in a court of law. The years have passed, the appeals have passed, the man sits and thinks and reflects in his cell. After he entered prison, the state of Utah passed a law which banned the execution of prisoners by means of a firing squad. It is now 2010, not 1986, and the time has come to carry out the court’s decision of death. The last prisoner to die this way in Utah was John Taylor in 1996 who chose the firing squad instead of lethal injection because he wanted to “make a statement that Utah was sanctioning murder.”

Mr. Gardner is the last person who was in prison awaiting death before the ban on firing squads. One day he will be taken out, placed against a wall and be shot by five police officers who volunteered for this duty. We believe Mr. Taylor was right, this is murder.