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Twirling Flags Of Patriotism

At some point, just about every presidential race in America comes down to the issue of which candidate is most able to wrap him or herself in the flag of patriotism. In the Obama-Clinton debate, Hillary Clinton, whose husband dodged serving in the Vietnam War, attacked Obama for his failure to wear a flag pin. He has also been charged with the horrible crime of not placing his hand over his heart while listening to the Star Spangled Banner. A major issue in the debate concerned Obama’s comments at a meeting in San Francisco where he used the word “bitter” to describe the mood of working people and claimed their bitterness led to supporting guns and religion.

If Clinton or Obama is the candidate they face the reality that John McCain is a war hero. Neither one is going to surpass the senator from New Mexico in closeness to the flag. The real issues of Iraq, an economy that is suffering, needs of the elderly, or medical care have somehow been pushed off the agenda so we can debate flag pins and a few words.

It is time for both Clinton and Obama to return to issues of this campaign and quit getting sidetracked about nothing. Sometimes, listening to these inane discussions about nothing one can only wonder if by accident he has wandered onto a TV set for the next Seinfeld show about nothing.

P.S. I do not wear a flag pin. How many people actually do wear one? And, I never place my hand over my heart, I listen to the words and music and reflect about my friends who died in Korea.