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Asylum Seekers In UK Abused Claims Newspaper Investigation

The Independent of England conducted an investigation of what happened to people seeking asylum in the United Kingdom who lost their appeal for sanctuary. The newspaper’s conclusion is “hundreds of failed asylum seekers deported from the United Kingdom have been beaten and racially abused by British escort teams who are paid to take them back to their home countries.” The Independent examined over 200 dossiers of cases dealing with asylum seekers during the past two years and repeatedly discovered abusive treatment of people who were being forced to return to certain beatings, torture or even death in their home countries. Our investigation says The Independent, “has unearthed shocking claims of physical abuse and mental mistreatment of some of the most vulnerable people in our asylum system.”

The Independent study reveals England is now drawing upon private security firms to handle cases like deporting failed asylum seekers. In every case where mistreatment and use of verbal insults like “black monkeys” the culprits were members of these private companies. As in Iraq, private companies are now doing the work of trained military and police officials, and the evidence increasingly suggests they are unprofessional in their behavior. Ironically, hundreds of years ago, private groups handled police functions in England until the Bobbies were established in the 1820s. We have now gone backwards, not forwards in professionalization of police functions. Planes carrying these unfortunate people leave on Wednesday morning on Flight KQ101 — in George Orwell’s book, “1984” interrogation of prisoners takes place in room 101.