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Malaysian Model Seeks Public Flogging

Malaysian model, Kartika San Dewi Shukam went out for a drink with friends and was arrested for violating Muslim law which forbids alcohol. A Sharia court sentenced the young mother to be flogged for her imudence in drinking liquor. Ms. Shukam is the first woman to be tried and found guilty under Muslim law against the use of alcohol. The flogging was to take place inside the prison, but she is seeking to have it made public. “If other Muslims can see me being canned, I will hope it will convicne them not to drink.”

Of course, there is another way to interpret the consequence of a public flogging. It might will persuade Muslim women who are being abused by their spouses to remain silent in the face of oppression if they believed speaking out for freedom could result in a public flogging. The message sent by this woman to her own daughter is to accept oppression meekly.

Sarkozy Backs Women In Pants!

The Sharia minded government of Sudan has a propensity for making news over its desire to prosecute women for doing things that just don’t agree with its version of the Muslim religion. French President Nicolas Sarkozy promised his support for Lubna Ahmed al-Hussein who faces the prospect of being lashed for the horrible crime of wearing trousers in a land where many men go around clad in trousers. “We will continue to work with her to help,” said Sarkozy, “in her struggle which is the struggle of all women and which honors her.” He commented about her “courageous” fight to be an individual who has an interpretation of the Koran which clashes with clerics in charge of Sudan religion.

Ms. al-Hussein was working for a UN group and claims Sudan had promised to respect the rights of those working for the UN including seeking permission prior to invoking criminal proceedings against any member of the staff. UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon noted that flogging was a violation of international human rights standards.

Perhaps, it is time for the United States to pass legislation which states any male in the country who wears Arab traditional dress will be condemned, not to being flogged, but to being compelled to watch the New York Knickerbocker basketball team play ten games. That will end flogging in any Arab nation.

Off With Their Backs And Let’s Teach Good Behavior!

I confess to being an infidel who does not understand the intricacies of the Muslim religion or its approach to issues of trial, sentencing, and punishment. However, every so often one encounters a weird story from a Muslim society in which women really get the back of the hand while men, at most, get a slap. One hundred fifty women in the Maldives face the prospect of flogging along with about 50 men. Judge Abdullah Mohamed of the Criminal Court emphasized the use of flogging was not designed to injure anyone, but was simply a way of letting the culprit as well as society know about behavior that should be avoided. When asked why more women than men wind up getting flog, the good judge responded: “A man after making this problem will go away and maybe the woman will have relations with more than one man and won’t know who is responsible or the mean denies it.”

I assume hidden in this rambling bit of philosophy is the kernel of rationality, but since I am an infidel, it is difficult to me to understand the rationale of beating a woman on her back until she bleeds in the name of God or whoever. I have a hunch God hangs his head in sorrow when men go about beating up on women for doing things these men do with impunity.