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View From Ankara Not Pleased With Obama Talks

The view from Ankara is rather pessimistic about the recent meeting between President Obama and Prime Minister Netanyau. There is disappointment at lack of any statement regarding the need to halt construction of settlements in the West Bank or a clear commitment from the Israel leader to support the two nation solution. Some Turkish officials hoped Obama would urged Israel to repair its damaged relations with Turkey, but all that emerged were platitudes about the “special relations” between the two nations and assurances from Netanyahu that he would discuss with Palestinians. Exactly, what is the meaning of holding talks if there is no desire to accept a compromise solution to existing problems?

Professor Mustafa Kibarogiu from Bilkent University expressed concern at failure of the Israel government to understand changes in policy on the part of the Turkish government towards Israel as a result of the Gaza invasion and attacks on the aid flotilla. He doubts if President Obama even understands the growing rift between Israel and Turkey. A tragedy of Israel is failure on the part of Israelis to have even the slightest grasp of how their nation is viewed in the world or the tendency to equate disagreement with Israel as examples of anti-Semitism. Jewish actor, Dustin Hoffman just canceled an appearance at a film festival in Jerusalem due to the flotilla attacks. Undoubtedly, Israelis will accuse him of being a self hating Jew.


Two years ago, relations between Israel and Turkey were OK and their military forces even conducted joint exercises, but today, it is clear two former friends are going to end relation. For a moment, imagine that a Turkish military force bordered an Israel ship on high seas claiming that it was bringing supplies to Kurdish rebels in its country. During the boarding, several Israel citizens were killed. It is a 100% certainty that Israel would demand an apology and compensation and would call for an international body to examine the situation. But, this is modern Israel, led by an arrogant group of religious and ideological warriors who can not envision they ever do anything wrong. If problems arise, they are due to anti-Semitism and attempts to destroy the nation of Israel. Several Turkish citizens were killed in the Israel boarding operation. Turkey has called for an international board to investigate the incident, but Israel insists they will conduct their own investigation. If Israel citizens died in a similar incident in any country of the world, Israel would insist upon an international inquiry and would not trust Turkey or France or Lebanon or anyone to conduct an internal study of the problem.

Israel has an appointment with Death and it will do anything in its power to have that meeting. Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu offered Israel three options: “either apologize or acknowledge an international-impartial inquiry and its conclusion” or “our diplomatic ties will be cut off.” The real question is how does the Israel population support a government which has created chaos in their international relations?

For God’s sake, accept an international inquiry, and for once, trust that the world is not filled with anti-Semites!

Does Peaceful Resistance Mean Absence Of Bloodshed?

Many Turks are upset at remarks from their revered religious leader, Fethullah Gulen whose comments concerning the use of peaceful resistance clashed with the predominant views of Turkish leaders. Turkey was once a close ally of Israel but the Gaza policy and refusal to agree to honest negotiations with Palestinian leaders have transformed a friend into a severe critic. The attack on the Gaza bound flotilla has been termed an act of piracy by the Turkish government. The comments of the Turkish cleric raise interesting issues regarding the nature of non-violence resistance. We beg to differ with him. Those on the flotilla did not come armed for a fight. Even the Israel government acknowledges there was no evidence of guns and ammunition in the cargoes.

A society dedicated to the principles of justice and democracy as once was a characteristic of Israel had numerous alternatives other than sending commandos onto ships filled with civilians. The Israel government simply could have allowed them to dock, inspected their cargoes, thanked one and all for concern about the people of Gaza, and sent them home. Had such a policy been followed there would be no angry Turkish politicians.

Israel To World — You Are All Against Us!

God only required Ten Commandments for humanity, Abraham Lincoln wrote a one paragraph Gettysburg Address, but the Israel government is pouring out documents, videos, articles, and testimonies that defend attacking civilians and killing at least ten. Not an Israeli official has uttered a word of apology for the simple reason, the Israeli government KNOWS it is on God’s side, so how could they make a mistake? There is something pathetic and sad when a people who have endured so much hate and bigotry in their history decide to inflict similar punishment upon innocent humans. At last report, following are the common explanations being offered to the world to justify a commando raid on a civilian ship.

1. The “so-called human activists” are really people who wish to use the Gaza situation in order to get across their agenda. And, that agenda is nothing other than seeking to wipe Israel off the face of the Earth.
Response: The human rights activists were working in cooperation with the Turkish government, the only Middle Eastern government that has recognized an cooperated with Israel for half a century.
2. The ships were a deliberate act of provocation designed to cast Israel in a bad light.
Response: If you knew the group was attempting to provoke a violent response, why did you do what they wanted? It appears as though israel is on the side of those who seek to provoke Israel.
3. Hamas seeks to destroy Israel and has fired thousands of rockets into Israel. How can one work with such a group of people?
Response: Rocket fire ceased over a year ago. Hamas has been cracking down on any group which fires a rocket.
4. The ships were going to bring weapons and materials fro war.
Response: Israel’s inspection of the cargoes did not find any weapons other than some toys. As stated by organizers, the cargoes contained medicine, foods, hospital equipment.
5. The fired first so our soldiers had to defend themselves.
Response: Let me get this clear. Out of nowhere soldiers carrying weapons suddenly appear and for some strange reason, some passenger panic and think they are going to be killed. So, they grab anything at hand to defend themselves. I would hope, given the reputation of the IDF, that it can handle a mob without killing anyone.
6. The world hates Jews and seek any incident to express their hatred.
Response: If on believes “the world” hates Jews, why give them a wonderful incident to use against Israel?
7. The world is filled with anti-semites and they expect Israel to adhere to standards no other nation could match.
Response: There is some validity to this argument, so why play into their expectations?

The bottom line is that Israel is now governed by a modern version of the Three Stooges.

No Weapons Found On Flotilla Ships!

Once upon a time the state of Israel was led by intelligent life forms who adhered to a firm commitment for human rights. Unfortunately, the people of Israel have turned leadership of their nation over to a group of clowns and double-speaking fools who are only expert in making their nation disliked in the world. Colonel Moshe Levi of the IDF in Gaza proudly proclaimed to the world after inspecting materials on the ships, “I can say with great assurance that none of the equipment on board(the flotilla ships)is needed in Gaza. This proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that the whole purpose of the voyage was for propaganda and for provocation and not for humanitarian purposes.” Major David Elmallach, who inspected the material, said there was no trace of any weapons, guns, rockets, or explosives which should prove beyond a shadow of a doubt the flotilla was bringing humanitarian material and not weapons of war. The IDF showed examples of the materials which included medical supplies, wheelchairs, stretchers, boxes of medicines and crates of dry food products and children’s toys. The only thing that disturbed IDF officers was a few sacks of cement for building.

The essential premise of the flotilla to bring in humanitarian supplies is now proven by the IDF to be true. Frankly, it is not up to the IDF to decide if people in Gaza have sufficient children’s toys or medicine, that is for inhabitants to decide. What if Israel had welcomed the flotilla with banners and a band? What if the IDF had organized an inspection process and then allowed the material to be distributed? If Israel had used an ounce of intelligence their nation would have gained enormous international support for being a humane society. Instead they met the arrival of toys with weapons of war. Violence began when Israel commandos boarded ships lying in international waters. That was an illegal action. And, for what? To prevent the arrival of toys and medicine!!!!

The Decline And Fall Of Moralism In Israel

There is sadness in discussing the latest episode in the history of Israel which once was a nation admired for its democracy and its ability to utilize creative thinking. Today, it is an insecure, confused and panicky country which believes in the power of force where once it believed in the power of ideas as a means to attain success. For years it has blockaded the Gaza Strip because an Israel solider was captured and therefore a million people must suffer for this terrible act. Of course, for years, Israel has captured dozens of Palestinians, but, when Israel captures or kills a Palestinian it is simply acting to defend itself. David Grossman, writing in the UK, Guardian, notes how Israel is trapped in a corruptive process. “One has the sense that a sullied and bloated political system, fearfully aware of the steaming mess produced over the years by its own inactions and malfunctions, and despairing of the possibility to undo the endless triangle it has wrought, becomes even more inflexible in the face of pressing and complicated challenges , losing in the process the qualities that once typified Israel and its leadership — freshness, originality, creativity.”

What will happen as a result of the attack on the ships? Anyone familiar with the region knows, at this very moment, some Muslim group is planning a bombing attack on an Israel cafe or movie theater or building in hope of avenging those killed by IDF commandos. Of course, once the bombing occurs, Prime Minister Netanyahu will argue that Palestinians are evil and there is need to institute more restrictions and he will expand settlement construction and there will be more bombings and the cycle will go on and on. As Grossman notes, “this insane operation shows how far Israel has declined.”

The world is not at fault. Palestinians are not at fault. The fault lies within the souls of Israelis who have allowed a man like Benjamin Netanyahu to govern their nation. This is written by an American who knows how his nation also blundered when it allowed George Bush to become president.

Turkey Says Raid On Flotilla Nail In Coffin Of Relationship

The Turkish government exploded in anger over Israel’s commando strike against a flotilla of ships carrying humanitarian aid to the people of Gaza. Huseyin Celik of the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) said his nation’s relations with Israel “will never be the same” and as far as his party is concerned this is the final nail in the coffin of anger. Political scientist Sinan Ogan commented “the worst possible scenario has happened. Israel has made a suicide commando move and has committed suicide internationally. The Turkish-Israel relationship is now open to every different scenario.” The immediate reaction of the Turkish government was to cancel joint military exercises with Israel forces and the European Union will most probably hear their complaint. An estimated 400 Turkish citizens were on ships in the flotilla and the government is demanding that injured people be returned to Turkey and that anyone being held must immediately be freed and sent home.

Two years ago Turkey was a friend and ally of Israel. Today, they are enemies. A group of ideologues control Israel and they are determined to destroy their nation in the name of “God.” That is always the cry of a demagogue and tyrant.