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Does A Czech Have Right To Her Sausage?

It has long been a custom among Czechs to head for the Croation beaches as summer approaches and ordinarily about one out of ten citizens would be headed in that direction. A typical Czech family loads up the family car with ample supplies of sausages, beer, bread and tinned meat and makes a bee line for the beaches where one and all can enjoy the sun, swim, eat and drink. But, a new law in Croatia has already caused about ten percent of vacation goers to head elsewhere because the Croation edict bans import into their nation of meat and dairy products. Croatia, which has yet to join the European Union, is upset at an EU law which bans their citizens from taking meat and dairy products into Slovakia.

According to the Czech newspaper, Hospodarske Noviny, the Crotation ban “is nothing less than a deliberate and maliscious attack on our national interests” and Czechs should head elsewhere or at least to nations which allow beer, bread, and sausages. In a world in which people argue about what a woman can wear on her head or who owns what land, it is a pleasant surprise to have nations argue about important issues– what can people bring into a country to eat and drink?