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Mugabe Acts To Drive Out Foreign Corporations

President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe who has already destroyed his nation’s farm system took another step in his ever destructive policies of bankrupting a nation which has a 100,000% inflation rate by signing a bill that requires all foreign firms in his nation to give majority control to Zimbabweans. The last time Mugabe forced out foreigners and gave their land to Zimbabweans, it turned out those receiving the land were cronies and supporters of the president, not people able to become effective farm owners. A third of the population has fled their nation in hope of finding work and the semblance of organization in other nations. The farm system has collapsed. Now, Mugabe is going to drive out foreign business interests in order to portray himself as the defender of his people against foreign imperialist elements who rob them of their natural riches. The rhetoric of revolution is the rhetoric of economic disaster.

In the “democratic election” now taking place Mugabe’s opponent, Simba Makon, has been banned from use of television while the president continues his nonstop effort to present himself as the only one capable of leading Zimbabwe. There is no question he is leading the nation to an inflation rate of 200,000% and the loss of another 3,000,000 people who will have to leave in order to survive.