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Marriage In Cambodia Or Human Trafficking?

Several days ago we reported on the dramatic rise in marriage between poor women in Cambodia and South Korean males. Most of the South Koreans tend to come from working class backgrounds and they were seeking women who were both attractive and subservient. The government of Cambodia has decided to suspend all such marriages for the time being while it conducts an investigation. IN 2004, just 72 South Korean males married a woman from Cambodia, last year the figure rose to 1,759. A spokesperson for the Women’s Affairs Ministry, You Ay, said: “The government has temporarily suspended all (paperwork) for Cambodia women to marry foreigners.” She stated quite bluntly, “this suspension is to prevent human trafficking through marriage.”

This is one of those sensitive issues since for many of the women marrying a man from South Korea offers an opportunity to rise econonmically in the world. A key issue is whether they are entering a marriage or are they entering a form of work.