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Can Foreigners Ever Be Japanese?

A recent exchange between two members of the Japanese Diet revealed deep seated feelings by those born in Japan toward anyone born abroad who attempts to claim the right to express opinions about Japan. Takeo Hiranuma, former Trade Minister, became upset at a remark made by Renho, a woman of Taiwan/Japanese heritage who has Japanese citizenship and graduated from a Japanese university. “I hate to say this, but she’s not originally at heart (motomoto) a Japanese.” She had questioned the need for vast sums in computer development to make Japan number one in the world which upset Hiranuma. “This is most impudent (fukinshin) for a politician to say.” Of course, he denied there was any racial prejudice to his remarks that challenged her right to express an opinion. In 2006, Hiranuma wrote a book claiming allowing human rights to prevail in Japan would “exterminate (horobosu) Japan.” He also expressed the view Japan should never have a female ruler because she might “marry a blue-eyed foreigner.”

There is a movement in Japan to allow suffrage in local elections to Permanent Residents. Of course, many of these people came from nations conquered by the Japanese and then sent to Japan to work. They remained in Japan after World War II, but are denied the right to Japanese citizenship even though some of their relatives actually fought in the Japanese armed forces. The reality of Japan is to marginalize foreigners and make it very difficult for them to become citizens.

As Japan’s population declines there may come a day when even blue-eyed foreigners will be welcome in Japan.

Let’s Keep Out People Who Want To Be Here!

Kutna Hora, chairman of the Czech Social Democratic party, in a visit to a local employment office came out strongly against allowing people to come to his country who wanted to learn the language and become productive members of society. “It is not appropriate to employ people from other cultures as they would then remain in the country. They would learn the Czech language, have children here and this would result in an ethnic problem.” Gee, the United States has been doing that for a few hundred years and the result is disastrous. These damn foreigners come here, learn the language, have children, create new industries, provide jobs for millions and create all sorts of problems such as increasing the wealth of the nation.

American art, music, literature, science, etc.. includes a high percent of people born elsewhere or their children who were born in the USA. Yes, they did learn the language, yes, they did absorb the culture, yes, they did remain here. Isn’t it strange when foreigners refuse to learn the language or the culture, these same idiotic politicians rant and rave?

Foreigner’s Police Make Life Difficult For Foreigners

A reportr fo the Prague Post recently accmpanied a friend who came abroad to the Foriegner’s Police headquarters in Pragu. The collegue set down her child for a moment to get something and the child was accidentally pushed causing her to cry. A police officer came over to her friend and threatened if she ever again brought a child to this section of the police, he would report her case to social services and have the child taken away. According to the reporter: “If you’re a foreigner trying to do the right thing in the Czech Republic, you know this story already or some variation of it. It’s part of a larger pattern that makes it hard to believe this country isn’t pursuing a deliberate strategy of making foriengers feel as unwelcome as possible.” For example, a local Czech Republic citizen can get an annual parking permit for 700Kc($43.80) but it costs a foreigner 36,000Kc.

The Czech Republic attitude toward the Roma minority is well known but apparently hostility to those deemed to be “foreigners” extends to many other people. This is a sad commentary on a nation that has endured so much in the past seventy years of its existence.

Germany Struggles With Defining Meaning Of Itself

Throughout its history, Germany has struggled with issues dealing with immigration. Roland Koch, who has been dencouncing Muslim immigrants, claims “Germany is not a country of immigration” and has attacked “criminal young foreigners” as the source of crime and violence in his nation. Actually, about 15 million people or just under a fifth of the German population has an immigrant background. In 1945, the German Jewish population had virtually disappeared but today Germany is home to among the largest Jewish populations in the world. A “foreigner” essentially is anyone not of German heritage even though the person was born and raised in Germany.

Germany lags far behind Britain or France of the United States in the number of immigrants who hold police or civil service positions. “Multikulti” has become a dirty word which is used to describe “the other,” the person who does not trace his or her origin hundreds of years back in German history. Germany has done a magnificent job of confronting the horror of the Holocaust, now it is time to confront the intolerance toward Muslims and to those who are of foreign background.

Go Home, Says Putin To Foreign Business Leaders

President Putin told the foreign business community of his nation’s desire to have them leave their positions in top executive positions within Russian companies. In a televised speech to the Russian public, their president said: “In our big, leading and already global companies, mostly in the raw materials sector, you know that the thin layer of top management is mostly made up of foreign specialists. Until we achieve ‘the replacement of imports’ …in administrative activity, we will be swept away by imports.” His comments came at a time when the Russian economy increasingly is coming under control of the Russian government.

Putin plays to jingoism and nationalistic feelings of the Russian people by portraying himself as a knight standing bravely holding off attacks by foreign elements. This rhetoric allows him to proceed with his real agenda which is to ensure the Russian economy is controlled– and frequently led — by the Russian government. In a sense, he is creating a unique private enterprise Soviet model economy in which the hand of the government is as important as that of individual business leaders. Putin can not shake off his Soviet training nor the experience of spending years in the KGB where control was always an important component of daily life, control over people and control to prevent anyone who threatened the power of government. His secret hero probably is Lenin, not Adam Smith.