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Sarkozy Tells Israel Get Rid Of Schmuck Lieberman!

French President Nicolas Sarkozy told visiting Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu the best way to assist Israel in gaining its foreign policy objectives is to fire the racist mouth that roars nonsense, Avigdor Lieberman. Sarkozy said he ordinarily enjoyed meeting foreign ministers when they passed through Paris, but he had absolutely no interest in ever meeting Israel Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman. He urged the Israel leader to reach out to former Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni and form a coalition government that would be able to lead Israel along the path of peace. The words of the French leader were merely those thought but rarely expressed by European leaders who regard Lieberman as ignorant, racist, and unable to conduct himself in a manner conducive to peace.

Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman was furious to learn what the French president said to the Israeli prime minister. “If the words attributed to the president of France are correct, the interference of a president of a respected state in matters of another democratic state is a grave intolerable thing.”

Of course, insulting Israeli Arabs and calling for their expulsion is simply Avigdor in his most democratic manner.

Le Pen Daughter Leads Right Wing French Revival!

Fifty years ago while a student in Paris, a young right wing nationalist named Jean Marie-Le Pen, burst on the scene in a nation convulsed by the debacle in Vietnam and the outbreak of civil war in Algeria. His National Front Party has been around for over fifty years spouting an ultra-nationalist, anti-immigrant, anti-European, anti-semitic, and anti-Muslim rhetoric of hate and violence. The world wide recession has been a shot-in-the-arm for those who find a cause of economic decline such as the presence of immigrants. His daughter, Marine Le Pen, and her running mate topped the poll in Sunday’s municipal by-election in the depressed industrial area of northern France. Unless moderate and left wing parties can form a coalition to defeat Ms. Le Pen she might well win her party’s first town hall in years.

If all French parties of the center and left agree to cooperate they can defeat the voices of hate and division, but if they continue squabbling the National Front party will gain a foothold in the industrial area of France. Ironically, Marine Le Pen is viewed as the most moderate of the right wing leader’s daughter. Heck, she is even willing to support the right of abortion and wants to downplay racism.

An Honest Media Hoax Reveals Daily Hoaxes In Media

The media daily reports stories not founded in the realm of factual data, but attractive and beguiling to attract the attention of readers and viewers. A group of French students decided to show Paris Match how they could match it in the prostitution of responsible journalism. They concocted a series of photographs which depicted a study on student poverty in the nation. Black and white photographs showed students prostituting themselves for money or searching dustbins for scraps of food. The photographs were entirely fake and sent into a contest by the magazine. The students won the $7,500 prize but will not be allowed to collect the money because there photos were based on falsehoods.

The students said their professors approved of the fake footage and noted, “there was nothing in the rules of the competition to say that rigged photos were banned.” They simply wanted to show up the media for what it is — printing hearsay or forcing people into embarrassing photos.

Sarkozy Confronts World’s Greatest Issue–Burqa!

Iranians are fighting for freedom in the streets of Tehran as they march directly into men wielding batons and chains, some of the protestors are wearing western clothes, some women are in jeans, and some women are wearing the burqa. But, to French President Nicolas Sarkozy, the most critical issue confronting his nation is not the recession, it is not loss of jobs, it is not an education system which does not assist all children, NO, to the man with a beautiful wife it is the sight of women wearing a burqa. He told parliament the issue is not one of religious rights, but “the burqa is not welcome on the French Republic’s territory. It is not what the French Republic wants for the dignity of women” since wearing it is reflection that women are being debased and treated like second humans.

The highest estimate is that about 50,000 Muslim women in France wear a burqa which suggests the vast majority do not. A high percent of women who are protesting in Iran wear the burqa without conveying a sense of inferiority or personal debasement. Ironically, it is men wearing western dress who are beating them.

The issue of the burqa is much ado about nothing. Women have the right to dress as they please and if some prefer the burqa why is that a concern of government? If we allow government to decide women can not wear a burqa it opens the door for government to decide every aspect of the personal lives of people.

Ironically, first lady Carla Bruni of France goes around wearing a dress that reveals her ample breasts. I suspect there are people who view such dress as inappropriate for a woman. Frankly, who cares if she is bare breasted or all covered up?

France May Ban Wearing Full Veil

France has long upheld the importance of separation of church and state in many aspects of society such as education. Five years ago, a law was passed which forbid children from wearing the Muslim headscarf or any other “conspicuous” religious symbol while in school. Luc Chatel, a government spokesperson, respond to requests from some MPs who wanted an inquiry into the “degrading” use of the burka and niqab in public, by saying, “If it were determined that wearing the burka is a submissive act, and that it is contrary to republican principles, naturally parliament would have to drawn the necessary conclusions.” There are no official figures as to how many Muslim women wear the full veil in France, but it probably is in the low thousands, at best.

The issue is not how many wear the full burka or why they wear it, but the rights of women to wear what they damn well please. Why is the government of France– or any government — getting into issues of what women wear? Men and women go around with ugly tattoos, but no one seems to care, boys and girls have rings in their noses or ears, but no one seems to care. A Muslim woman has the right to wear what she desires as do women who wear black at funerals. It is bad enough France interferes with the rights of young girls in school attire, but this is ridiculous.

I have taught Muslim women who wear the full veil and the class proceeded as usual.

France Blasts Israel Prime Minister For Destructive Words

Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is the proverbial elephant in the china shop every time he opens his mouth to comment on the situation in the Middle East. Yesterday, he told a gathering in Jerusalem the city would remain under Israel control and no part of it would be turned over to Palestinians. “Jereusalem is the eternal capital of the Jewish people, a city reunified so as never again to be divided.” The French government was furious at the remarks which ignored legitimate Palestinian concerns about the future of an independent nation. French Foreign Ministry spokesman, Frederic Desagneaux, retorted to the comments by saying: “the declaration made by the Israeli prime minister yesterday in Jerusalem prejudices the final status agreement.” He made clear “in France’s eyes, Jerusalem should, within the framework of a negotiated peace deal, become the capital of two states.”

The French are concerned about expanding housing on the West Bank, blowing up Palestinian homes or declaring them to have been built, ‘illegally’ in order justifying taking possession of the properties, because these actions make impossible any agreement between the conflicting parties.

Netanyahu insists he told Obama about his feelings toward Jerusalem. If so, the president must share the French anger at the inept behavior of the Israel prime minister.

Murder Trial In France A Farce

Ilian Haimi, age 23, was kidnapped by a gang of thugs who tortured and beat him while demanding ransom from his family. Haimi was not a wealthy man, simply a mobile phone salesman but to the Muslim gang which seized the young man, he was Jewish which naturally meant he was wealthy or, at least, other Jews would chip in to get his freedom. Twenty seven men are on trial for this vicious crime and the court scene at points resembled a bad play. The gang leader, Youssouf Fofana told the court he had friends who were present and taking pictures of everyone including the jury and even boasted he had the means to put a price on the head of anyone and get them killed.

The judge allowed this tirade to go unchecked and refused to silence a defendant who was threatening the entire judicial process. Finally, the family of the dead man and their lawyers left the court in disgust. Fofana admits being the mastermind behind the kidnapping but denies murdering anyone. What price justice in the French court system?

France Closes Migrant Camp in Calais

It is estimated that right now over two hundred million people are refugees in some country other than the one in which they were born. All over the world, refugees huddle in camps seeking ways to enter a nation or just sit in bewilderment hoping that someone will come to their aid. The French government announced it was closing a large migrant camp located in the Calais region which is the hop off point for refugees fleeing to England. The “jungle” as the camp is known sprang up after France closed a large Red Cross center in nearby Sangatte. Immigration Minister Eric Besson told local businessmen in Calais, “the jungle will no longer exist. To maintain develop the junble would be an obstacle to economic interests and employment.” Human rights activists simply noted that refugees would simply find another empty area and create a new jungle, which undoubtedly in turn will be demolished.

Migrant camps are a symbol of frustration and lack of employment in many parts of the world. Until economically advanced nations can develop the basis for economic growth there will be an endless construction and destruction of camps. Local residents complain about criminal behavior but poor people invariably when times get difficult have to find some way to gain money for the necessities of life.

France Seeks To End Genital Mutilation

The French government has launched an aggressive program to end forced marriages and genital mutilation in the nation. Over 100,000 leaflets will be distributed in schools and other public services explaining the dangers of genital mutilation. French law forbids forced marriage and allows prosecution of anyone who mutilates the genitals of a girl who has French citizenship or has resident status, even if the operation is conducted in another country. The campaign seeks to get the word out to immigrant neighborhoods where too often women are subject to the barbaric practice of genital mutilation. It is estimated about 55,000 women and girls in France have been genitally mutilated and about 70,000 young women live in fear o being married against their will.

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Sounds Of The Sixties In Modern France?

The Sixties in France was a scene of protesting young people who were angry at war in Vietnam and the uncertainties of dealing with the Cold War in Europe. They demanded creation of a new society in which there was equity. At this moment, hundreds of thousands of French people are protesting in the streets in demonstrations that are expected to attract at least a million people. They are angry at closing of factories and extensive job cuts which have followed the financial crisis that began in America. Jean-Claude Maillyu, head of the large Force Ouvriere Union, believes the protestors “have a profound sense of social injustice, and that, I think, is something that neither the government nor the employers have understood.”

Perhaps, we are witnessing the birth of a reaction against unbridled capitalism which has run wild over the past three decades and left in its wake societies characterized by economic gaps in which a small number of people have amassed a large segment of the fruits of labor. The end result might be emergence of a hybrid economic system in which capitalism fuses with basic socialist ideals of equity. Is something new being born?