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Is Minnesota Still Part of America?

The judges are still deciding if this or that ballot should be counted in the state of Minnesota in order to decide if the overwhelming majority that Al Franken obtained in the election will stand up. After all, the joker from Minnesota won by at least 220 ballots which reflects that at least an extra 220 Minnesotans want someone with a sense of humor to be their senator. But, it grows increasingly clear that Al is not the best comic in the state in which he was born. One wonders if the judges are upset that a comic is trying to outdo them in the sphere of being comically insane. Senators are gathered in Washington D.C. in an effort to sort out the mess that has hit the nation, but the key senator from Minnesota is not there but is discussing who won while the nation’s economy is in the doldrums.

The ongoing saga of this ballot or that ballot may be the most important topic to some judges in the state of Minnesota, but for Americans, this is no laughing matter. We have a situation in which the jokers who are Republicans are trying to halt efforts at recovery while Minnesota is trying to recover from the closest election in its history for the United States Senate. At this point, the country needs every single senator doing his or her job for what is best for the entire nation. Could the ballot counters get off their butt and solve this problem, once and for all?

Actually, we could really use someone who tells jokes in dealing with the solemn hypocrites from the Republican party who place their desire for power over the needs of the nation.