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African Union Suspends Madagascar

The African Union has suspended Madacasgar from the organization due to a violent overthrow of the government by the military and some civilian leaders. The new government insisted there had been no coup, but the AU said the new government had assumed power through an unconstitutional manner. The AU wants the current Madacasgar government to end its overthrow of the constitutionally elected head and hold free elections. Most outside groups insist a combination of street protests and use of armed forces led to the establishment of a new government.

The African Union stand on Madacasgar is interesting in light of the illegal election held last year in Zimbabwe by President Mugabe after he lost a legal one. The AU has never mentioned anything about the illegality of Mugabe’s actions no doubt due to the fact he is a friend and former colleague of most AU leaders. If the same standard that is being applied to Madacasgar was applied to Zimbabwe, Morgan Tsvangirai would be president of his nation and there would not be any cholera in the country. Isn’t it about time the AU had one standard for all nations?

Russia Fears Democracy In The World

President Dimitry Medvedev was blasted by Western leaders for his apparent double cross of his supposed agreement to support condemnation of the brutal regime of Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe. In an editorial in the Moscow Times, the editor expressed the view Russia’s action had less o dow with Zimbabwe and more to do with the Russian government. “Indeed, Medvedev could not have possible supported the idea of the UN Security Council imposing sanctions over elections in Zimbabwe or any other country. Declaring UN sanctions over elections would set a precedent that Moscow has no desire to see established given its own record in conducting elections, not to mention, the record of its allies.”

The Russian government has extensive business interests in nations like Turkmenistan and Uzbekstan, two nations ruled by despotic strong men, and to establish the idea the Untied Nations should impose itself in freedom of voting issues raises the possibility some day opponents of the current Medvedev regime would one day raise it against him. Until the day Russia has accepted the concept of free elections and the right of opposition parties to have equal opportunity to win, there will be no support for free elections in the world.

Electoral Winner Will Assume Power, Promises Musharraf

President Pervez Musharraf during his trip to Europe promised next month’s elecltion s in Pakistan will be free of any government control. “We muast have fair and transparent elections. Whoever wins, obviously power will be handed to them” he told reporters. Although, he is a strong supporter of human rights, the Pakistan president complained people in Europe and the United States appeared to have an “obsessive” interest in this topic. He blamed the death of Benazir Bhutto on militant leader, Baitullah Mehsud, and lamented that his political opponents were trying to link him to the assassination.

Musharraf has every right to complain about other nations seeking to influence the course of events in Pakistan, but he ignores how his own actions have led this to happen. The imposition of a state of emergency, the sacking of Pakistan Supreme Court judges, and restrictions on how media reports events only provided fuel for those who believe the people of Pakistan have a right to live in a nation governed by the rule of law.