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I read the healthcare industry spent $380 million over the past several months to defend itself. Those without health insurance paid zero.

It is the rare college student who assumes responsibility for not learning.

Why do people in cities wear high boots?

It is usually the man rather than the woman who says let’s sit outside.

I had high expectations for Michelle Obama. She took the road of glamor rather than the dirty route of of the working class.

If I see a thin woman in her fifties with no ring on her finger, I assume she once was a nun.

When you buy a cup of coffee and then get a refill, it should be legal to go in the next day for another refill.

A blond haired woman with a short black skirt always captures my attention.

Every two year old child likes to fondle books. Few fifteen year olds like to touch books. This is the result of our education system.

I so enjoy when a coffee shop introduces a new blend. Ah, the moment when you first taste it!

Pragmatism is not always practical.

It is rare for a blond haired woman to be talking at lunch with a blond haired man.

I never underestimate the power of the presidency to isolate the president from reality.

If God allowed free will then there is no free will.