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How Not To Win Friends For Israel!

The Israel decision to invade Gaza in a massive operation that wound up killing 1,300 people has been hailed by many Israelis as a demonstration of using force to get peace. The results of the recent election indicate Israelis voted for those who want to be “tough” and stand up to Hamas regardless of cost. For decades, Israel has been close to Turkey and the military of both nations have worked together. But, the Gaza invasion now plays out in damaging relations between the two countries. The Turkish Foreign Ministry and military leaders are furious at remarks made by General Avi Mizrahi who told Prime Minister Erdogan to look in the mirror and then went on about the massacre of Armenians by the Ottoman empire. General Mizrahi undoubtedly is enjoying that wonderful feeling one gets at putting down another person or nation, but what about the real issue of Turkish-Israel friendship?

A good diplomat looks at the world through the lens of his opponents in order to avoid disaster. Israel is so caught up in its own desire for self justification that it has now ignored the only friend it has in the Middle East. Was the manner in which bombing was carried out in Gaza worth loss of Turkish friendship? There is a streak of self destruction among Israelis in which over focus on the self has resulted in loss of connection to the rest of the world. ISRAEL NEEDS FRIENDS, NOT MORE ENEMIES!