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Peruvian Leader Alberto Fujimori Convicted

Alberto Fujimori fled Peru several years ago and sought refuge in his ancestral homeland of Japan in hope he would be safe from the long arm of the law. Even as he fled, there were many who wanted him placed on trial for crimes committed during his presidency against insurgent groups. For some reason, Fujimori decided to return to Peru and face the charges. After a 16 month trial he was convicted of “crimes against humanity” and sentenced to a 25 year prison term. “Your honor,” were his only words, “I am taking my recourse to appeal.” He insists the killings did not violate basic human rights. On hearing the verdict, his daughter who is a congressman, said in anger: “It is a victory for human rights groups and terrorism.”

We believe his daughter is correct, it IS a victory for human rights groups and for the victims of the brutality of Fujimori.