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Japan Warns Myamar Must Be Carefully Handled

Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda emphasized in a recent interview with the Washington Post the importance of the United Nations to “more actively itnervene” to help the people of Myanmar, given the paranoia that engulfs the minds of its military junta leaders. He believes it is a mistake to even suggest dispatching soldiers from a particular nation and prefers any use of soliders in relief activities be part of a United Nations force. “We msut think well about whther it is appropriate to (help Mynmar) by way of sending military troops from one country or whether it would be better to send troops as part of a U.N. organization.”

This is a realistic analysis of the situation, there is a group of thugs and dicatorial minded people in charge of Myanmar who will never allow any country to take a prominent role in relief efforts.

Fukuda touched upon the issue of climate change and will seek support from India to Japan’s proposal of a “sectorial approach” in establishing targets for greenhouse gas emissions cuts. Japan will host the Group of Eight summmit in July and propose calculating carbon dioxide reductions on a sector-by-sector basis.

Japan Waffles On Myanmar Sanctions

The Japanese government is upset at the killing of a Japanese journalist who was covering events in Myanmar, but it is uncertain what to do about it. Prime Minister Fukuda urged the Burmese military to investigate the shooting. A spokesperson said: “We will strongly demand(the military government) not to repeat an event like the again. Unlike other nations, Japan has made no move to impose sanctions of the military junta. However, there are rumors Japan might recall its ambassador from Myanmar.

It is sad when the murder of someone is described as “an event.” An event is going to a concert, a murder is the death of a human being. Myanmar is governed by a bunch of thugs who has stolen billions from their own people and killed and slaughtered thousands. Those are not events, they are the murderous actions of some sick criminals.