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Shape Of The Future –What Is It?

The British government has asked a research company, Fast Future, to speculate on what might be jobs of the future. After all, a child born this year, given normal life expectancy, will most probably be alive on New Year’s Eve, December 31, 2099 and will witness the arrival of the 22nd century. What exactly will they regard as “normal” in the opening years of the next century? Fast Future predicts there will be many new forms of work such as creating new limbs and organs for the body, there will be space pilots and those who focus on climate change. At present, about 25% of current jobs were not in existence thirty years ago, so we can expect that a current twenty year old, may well be working in an occupation in 2040 that has yet to be invented.

The implications for this rapidity of change suggest nations should cease testing children in passing tests and focus on development of problem solving skills and creative thinking. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan believes raising test scores is the goal of education, perhaps, he might focus on raising job creation skills. A Futurist knows one certain thing in life– although one can not predict the future, one can predict it will witness the emergence of jobs yet to be conceived by modern humans.