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Mugabe Again Plays Race Card When In Trouble

Any time the people of Zimbabwe express disgust with their president, he immediately plays his ever present race card blaming all problems on white people. His policies have resulted in an inflation rate of about 200,000%, it is the fault of white people. He has driven millions from his own land-it’s white imperialism’s fault. He murders and tortures his own people– out comes the race card. The G-8 group bluntly told Mugabe”we do not accept the legitimacy of any government that does not reflect the will of the Zimbabwe people,” and his information minister responds; “they want to undermine the African Union and President Mbeki’s effort because they are racists because they think only white people think better.”

President Mbeki has sided with Mugabe despite the fact the Zimbabwean president lost an election in March to Morgan Tsvangirai and his Movement for Democratic Change(MDC). Mbeki’s own followers like Jacob Zuma have denounced his failure to protect the people of Zimbabwe against Mugabe sponsored terrorism. The MDC insists they can no negotiate while their followers are subject to violence and intimidation. Mugabe is not the legitimate president of the country. He is a thug and murderer.

G-8 Leaders Blast Mbeki Failure In Zimbabwe

President Mbeki of South Africa was subjected to a blistering attack from G-8 leaders for his abject failure to act in the role of mediator regarding the situation in Zimbabwe where his close friendship with President Mugabe has made him blind to the violence that has ripped apart the nation. In heated exchanges by President Bush, Chancellor Merkel of Germany and Prime Minister Stephen Harper of Canada, the South African leader was told he failed to do his job as mediator and unless things changed for the better, G-8 nations will institute economic sanctions against his close friend, Mugabe.

In Zimbabwe, Justice Minister Patrick Chinamasa told the press representatives of the Movement for Democratic Change had agreed to talks under the supervision of President Mbeki. “We have received communication that they are ready for a resumption of inter-party talks.” However, Morgan Tsvangirai, head of MDC has made clear there will be no talks until violence ends against members of his group.

G-8 Blasted For Lying To Africa On Aid!

The G-8 nations came under heavy fire from critics who charge the industrial powers continually make promises about large amounts of aid to under developed nations but the rhetoric is not always accompanied by action. President Robert Zoellick of the World Bank, says “when the G-8 leaders make various commitments, it’s important to have a monitoring system.. countries need to deliver on their promises.” In 2005, they pledged $25 billion to Africa, in 2007, they pledged $70 billion to Africa, but there is scant evidence even the majority of such money has ever been delivered. A group founded by Bono, estimates only $3 billion of the 2005 amount ever reached Africa. Charles Abeni of Oxfam says it is common to pledge money for one thing and then shift the emphasis to another.

Perhaps, it is time to draw upon the experience of the Marshall Plan of 1947 which enabled Europe to recover from the devastation of WWII. The Marshall Plan was based on nations coming together, developing plans that included cooperation, and then presenting their ideas for funding. Africa needs a 21st century Marshall Plan. Perhaps, it called by called the Mandela Plan. Such an approach would force African nations to cooperate and share resources. The current system is going nowhere.

Goodbye From World’s Biggest Polluter, Says Bush

The United States of America continues its refusal to accept the reality of global warming and the importance of the world’s most powerful industrial power to become an active participant in the fight to deal with issues confronting the future of the world. In one of his characteristic off-hand remarks, the president told leaders of the G-8 summit meeting, “goodbye from the world’s biggest polluter,” as he prepared to depart. President Bush did tell his fellow members at the summit, the United States might “seriously consider” a 50% cut in carbon emissions by the year 2050. Of course, Bush will be dead by the point in time but his children and grandchildren will have to live in a world polluted by his follies.

China and India were invited to the summit and also adopted a negative attitude concerning the issue of pollution saying they would not sign any binding agreements until the leading industrial powers made clear what they would do about curbing CO 2 emissions. There is little doubt leaders of the world simply do not believe it is time for drastic action nor will they bluntly tell people in their countries about what must be done to make this a healthier and safer world.

The summit also was unable to deal with deadlocks over trade agreements and many believed nothing would happen until after the current presidential election in America because both candidates fear upsetting the farme