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Is George Bush Really That Dumb?

The Republican Party, which in past years, had intellectuals such as Henry Kissinger or Theodore Roosevelt, has been transformed into the party of Sarah Palin and George Bush. Palin doesn’t know Africa is a continent, not a country, and George Bush who is president of the most important nation in the world, does not know what the G20 is. Apparently, on October 20, Australian Prime Minister Keven Rudd was talking with President Bush and suggested to ensure the widest possible response, large Asian nations should be invited to a world economic conference, and mentioned, the G20. Bush allegedly responded: “What’s the G20?”

Someone leaked the conversation and now it has become a public relations fiasco for Rudd who is being accused of leaking private conversations with world leaders. Rudd denies Bush ever made the remark and Bush insists he knows how to count to 20 so why is everyone unhappy?