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Russia Denies Zimbabwe Double Cross

The Russian government which has come under severe criticism for President Medvedev’s apparent double cross of G8 leaders on the issue of Zimbabwe is now claiming he never gave assent to action against the brutal regime of President Mugabe. According to deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Kislyak, “there was indeed discussion on Zmbabwe at the (G8) summit. During the discussion, ideas were put forward that the UN Security Council should adopt a resolution on sanctions, the sanctions were not named. ..We listened to them and explained why that is not right.” Medvedev insisted he would support “financial and other measures” but stressed they could not be sanctions.

The Russian government says it urged Zimbabwe to engage in constructive dialogue and prevent violence. This is sheer hypocrisy. Thousands of Mugabe thugs, including foreign mercenaries, are beating, torturing, and killing anyone who opposes Mugabe. How can any group engage in serious discussions when its own members are subject to such actions. Medvedev lied to G8 leaders. He most probably came home and received a lecture from his mentor, Prime Minister Putin, and then changed his mind.