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John McCain Gaffes Along The Campaign Trail

As a 78 year-old man, there is sympathy in my heart for the struggles of John McCain along the campaign trail where time after time he utters incomprehensible comments due to either fatigue or the effects of age. Recently, in a speech in western Pennsylvania, he told the audience, that Obama’s “supporters have been saying some pretty nasty things about western Pennsylvania lately. And you know, I couldn’t agree with them more.” The audience was silent but McCain went on to further display old age: “I couldn’t disagree with you. i couldn’t agree with you more” and went on to say they were patriotic people. Last Sunday on Meet The Press, he forgot the name of one of the former secretaries of state who support his candidacy.

Of course, no one is gaffe free, and Joe Biden is the man who can’t avoid putting his foot in his mouth just about once a day. John McCain is showing his age as frustration and fears of defeat become all too evident in the strident manner in which he speaks to people. I am 78 and know my mind sometimes says things I did not wish to express. Overall, John McCain’s mind is OK, but physical fatigue plays tricks with an older body and mind. Of course, standing in the wings is the babbling idiot Sarah Palin which only goes to prove that younger minds can be more fatigued by ignorance than an older mind.