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US Diplomat Sent Home Over Afghan Dispute!

The loss of China to Communists and the success of communism in Vietnam both stemmed from failure on the part of the United States of Western nations to take a stand on getting rid of corrupt, inefficient leaders who were unable to provide their nations with the basic elements of a decent life. Peter Galbraith, a senior American diplomat in the UN Afghan mission, was fired by UN leaders because he took a tough stand on the recent fraudulent elections in Afghanistan. Galbraith clashed with his superior, Kai Eide, over the need to make clear to President Karzai that NATO and US forces are not fighting in order to allow Karzai to steal elections and allow corrupt officials to run the government.

The good news is that Karzai cannot work with Galbraith. In 1943, corrupt dictator General Chiang Kai-shek told President Roosevelt he could not work with General Stilwell who wanted honest officials to run the Chinese army. Stilwell was forced out of China and with him went the last hope to create a democratic China that could resist Communism. The same holds true today. Hold the line, back Galbraith or we again will witness the triumph of totalitarian forces.